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IntersexUK (ISUK) is a human rights organisation working to achieve equality for, and the protection of Intersex bodied people.

IntersexUK's vision is to ensure irreversible genital mutilations, sterilisations and other non consensual abuses against healthy intersex bodied children is stopped. A child's body is theirs for the whole of their life and the right of that persons autonomy must be respected above the right of others to ease social discomfort. Scalpels do not sculpt gender they sever futures.

IntersexUK's outreach is significant and growing; we work by educating within universities, engaging within mainstream media, and consulting with NGO and government bodies. 

IntersexUK aims to develop a cross-party intersex equality committee to ensure families, and society recognises that intersex bodied children are not uncommon and that enforcing gender through 'normalising' archaic and irreversible medical procedures is not acceptable.